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Mountain Designs’ most resilient Merino wool range yet

Australian sports, outdoors and lifestyle brand Mountain Designs has released a range of Wool Rich Blend products made from Corespun Merino, combining comfort, performance and resilience and making the range a great choice for multi-day hiking, climbing, travelling and everyday outdoor use.

Sourced and spun in Australia, Corespun Merino is an innovative yarn constructed by wrapping Merino wool fibres around a durable multifilament nylon core. The result is a yarn and fabric of 87% Australian Merino wool and 13% nylon, with all the comfort and performance of Merino wool on the outside and improved strength from the nylon on the inside.

Corespun Merino retains all the natural benefits of Merino wool - it allows the skin to breathe, moves moisture away from the body and prevents odour-causing bacteria from growing.

“At Mountain Designs we’re always searching for new and innovative ways to create comfortable high performance garments,” said Mountain Designs CEO Caroline Machado Campos.

“When our designers set their sights on creating superior wool garments they tirelessly explored a range of textiles. The goal was to create clothing with all the technical benefits of Merino but with increased strength and durability. They found this impressive combination in the Corespun Merino fabric technology.”

The T-shirts are perfect for outdoor adventures, overseas holidays and everyday catch ups with friends. They feature beautifully hand-drawn prints exclusive to Mountain Designs.

The ¼ zip long sleeve pullover and hoodie are designed for free movement and comfortable wear during physical activities such as hiking or climbing, but they can also be worn travelling or just relaxing.

“Corespun Merino holds onto all the softness and technical benefits of Merino wool but is 40% stronger than 100% Merino wool of the same weight. The durable nylon core of the thread makes the fabric more resistant to tears and abrasion as well as providing greater stretch and recovery. This means it lasts longer and can handle a bit of tough love on the trail or climb.”

The Corespun Merino range comprises a men’s and women’s short sleeve T-shirt (both available in five colours), and a men’s ¼ zip long sleeve pullover and women's hoodie (both available in two colours).

The Corespun Merino range extends Mountain Designs’ current Merino wool range that includes 100% Merino wool base-layers and scarves, and Merino wool blended jackets, pullovers, cardigans and socks.

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